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The seats won't slide back and forth but they will adjust up and down is this a sensor issue or something greater. Please help!!!!
slips back into neutral occasionally if I accelerate too quickly then recovers after I shut off the car for a few minutes
Any ideas what it might be? We are super low income, I will be fixing it myself. I plan on cleaning and checking the throttle cable and cruise control cable to make sure they are intact and no fraying. Gonna try and ...
the engine light is on, it stalls, and the SLIP ligth won't go off, I am thinking I should change the spark plugs, I have been reading up on it and I see where changing the sparks plugs and maybe coil will help
car would not start,mechanic says must disconnect alarm
Also eng. bucks n lopes when cold. No codes most of time. PO171 sometimes shows. Done: mass air, 2Bosch upstreamO2s, airfilter. Do not see air leaks.
After engine stops fireing you can turn key off and on and will fire one time and stops
How much wiil a rebuilt transmission cost in a 2001 nissan maxima gle
I saw this post from 2010 and seem to have the same problem with my 2001 Maxima GLE: No one can seem to determine the problem(s) with my 2001 Nissan Maxima Gle; car will not start. I was told it may be the cam sensor,...
did not occur yet but i would like to know before its too late
2001 maxima 5speed v6.2 wires under the driver seat.but it doesnt have power seats.what are they