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The car starts fine, I run an errand, come out won't start for 2hrs. more often. seems heat related. fuse/relay?? will not turn over make a electric sound not a clicking sound. can be jumped in 30 seconds, then runs.
Hi, Last evening my car (2000 Nissan Maxima) broke down in the middle of the road. Then I had to tow it to a auto service. It would start and then stop/die almost immediately when I take my foot off the pedal. The ...
my 2000 maxima wont stay idle on when its cold but when it gets warm weather no problem
Car was running fine i pulled in the drive & it cut out nitwit won't start back up. It will turn over & sometimes sounds like it wants to but never does. It has a new fuel pump and a new starter was put in a couple...
Lost the master key and remote to my 2000 Maxima. Ive been using the gray key with the blue chip in it for about 6 mos. Now all of a sudden it won't start. Sercurity light stays on when key is in the on position. It j...
I am looking for heated o2 sensor bank2 sensor 2.
I am looking for heated o2 sensor bank2 sensor 2.
I am looking for heated o2 sensor bank2 sensor 2.
not accerating properly
Car will accerate,
The seat switch is a 4-way; clockwise, counter clockwise, forward and back. All work except back. The seat has been moved up 3 times, and won't go back. Now it's like driving a sprint car. Much too close for me to...
I have 126,000 miles. It was driving rough and I was told I need a tune up.