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When stopped at lights or drive thru it heats up then cools off again when i drive
Currently my car is showing up the service engine light and when the diagnostic code is read from computer, identified as P0430 - Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 2. My friend didn't remember the ex...
2000 nissan maxima- filled up then noticed about 5 gal. of gas had came out from underneath the rear, but gas needle still says full- filled up 3 days ago and it did not do this---HELP
Did a voltage drop test! Also, has a new battery and belt. Was told it could be a short-circuit. Battery drain instead of charging...
I was the price of $600 with my oxygen sensors
I had a machanic check it out an he told me to take it to advance an get the check engine light looked at. It came up with 2 codes. First code was for a random misfire, second one was for a bad oz Sensor. Is there any...
My motor had become more engine noisy lately and now ive thrown a rod. Bad bearing? Can I fix with motor in car? Not sure its a thrown rod. Why does the noise seem to be at top front of motor?