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I cange the fuel pump there is power to the fuel pump but the car wont start.I cant figure it out.
I have a 1995 Nissan Maxima. It's my first car and I Love it. It started skipping on day. It'll crank but when I put it in drive, it'll cut off. I got someone to take a look at it. First they said it was the coil pack...
The alarm system on the Nissan will not allow the car to start. Turn the key and the alarm goes off. Would like to completely disable alarm system. Thanks for any suggestions.
I got code PO410 and PO503 i believe i read it right 4 short and 10 fast followed by 5 slow and 3 fast. well the car is hesitating to start sometimes and when it warms up sometimes it tends to slight surge in idle as ...
Im attempting to change my car starter where do i find it on the engine
My top hose for the power steering pump leaks when I turn the steering wheel.I bought a new hose and the new one looks diffrent.I need to insall it.How?
were an i get this job done for a real good price?..and also what shop will you subject to have your car fix?
I have a 1995 nissan maxima /v6 3000 i need to repace the waterpmp. I have it tore apart but i cant get the tensioner pidton bsck far enough to install stop pin. can i just remove the tensioner and then put it back or...
how do i know when its my starter or ignition dat went bad?
the transmission is not shifting in higher gears[3 to 4] need to know what the problem is
car won't start must jiggle ignition
Where is the Vapor Canister Vent Valve located? From time to time I smell very strong gas vapors and other repairs I have done have not helped. I want to change this part now, but I don't know where it is located. ...
How to replace the water pump for 1995 maxima 3000?
car wa leaking oil & waater, replaced lower oil pan gasket and systems service pipe. After repairs were done engine light came on and car was running rough. tried to get diganosis and approx cost, but have been told...
Its idling rough and when acelerating its misses out. there is a fuel smell in the car. I just replaced the fuel filter. What else is going on?