My car Totaled but I took it to get fix and that's when my car went wrong. It's like it was stuck in gas. help Please

car shakes

car shakes

When I try to start it again it won't start then I wait a min then try again it start up an cuts off again an then same it won't start an on the Third time it starts up it runs good no shut off or any thing help me what could this be

Driving vehicle transmission just quits working, have to shutdown and wait a few minutes to move another mile or two. Can a bad sensor be the cause?

Looking to buy a used 95 Maxima, didn't pass smog, report says it's 02 sensor. Engine light is on. Car runs fine. Thanks!

Im thinking, ignition, cylanoid,starter,alternator..wont take a jump, either.. Had trouble before with key and contact... New key noww..

I have no keys at all they were stolen. And I'm basically broke. The car won't start( I removed the starting mechanism from the ignition switch. I was able to start the car but after I closed the door and then opened the door the security system won't let it start now and the horn keeps honking. I can pull the security system fuse and the horn stops but still won't start . Horn continues to honk if I put the fuse back in. Is there anyone that can help me I need desperatly to get to work. Thanks

It won't hold power and keep cutting back

My car recently started to buck and stall out whenever I was coming or going to completely stop. Then once I started to drive off the bucking would get worse until the car just stalled out. Most of the time I can get the car to start, but sometimes it takes a few tries. I've went ahead and changed the sparks, air filter, put fuel injector clean, etc. It only helped for about a week and the problem has come back with a vengeance. I would have went to auto zone to get the car scanned but they only read 1996 and up. I don't have the money to take it to an auto repair shop to get the codes read for 85 bucks.