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I have a '92 Nissan Maxima. It drove perfectly. No problems. This man checked my oil stick & told me that I had no oil in my car. He poured in 3 quarts of oil. Now when I start my car, it shakes & putts. When I accele...
car overheats at standstill
just trying to recharge my ac because its blowing out warm/hot air
Went to shift into 3rd and it wouldn't made a grinding sound and feeling in the clutch pedal and the shifter. Made it home 4 blocks and it was a little smelly and when it cooled I could put it into gear again once it ...
My car is idling really high and I dont know why. I have cleaned the idle control valve and checked the timing but nothing happened. When i drive it the check engine light comes on.
How easy is it to replace the transmission speed sensor? Or how much would it cost to repair it at the mechanic?
I changed out the power antenna and no longer have radio, seat belt control nor power antenna. Any helpful notes would be greatly appreciated.
I have tried to reset the alarm with the key but I have had not luck. I was trying to locate the anti theft module but I have had no success. I need the exacte location and exacte details of what to do.