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What will cause lose of power and want start
At the same time, the dash charging port also stops and starts.
This is real obvious when I back it does'nt seem to be exhaust and I can't find anything that is overheating
Ok so I got the big boy Frontier crew cab XE V6 4X4 with sport package and all. Except the supercharged( for mileage reasons). I bought it with 7 miles and have 273,000 now. So that's a little history. I was s...
It helps if I park with wheels turned to the right. It sticks more in colder weather (under 60 degrees).
im going from 4.64 to 4.9 ratio, i have lift kit with 35x12.5x15's and needed to get speed-o and odo back in range. ive found all bearings and seals for pinon and diff and spacer as well as bearing adjuster and im not...
Code P0505, replaced distributor, per nissian shop, now have codes P0122 and P050, have alredy repalced TPS
I was woundering if someone could give me a basic step by step including what type and sizes of tools needed to remove and replace the power steering box on a 2004 Nissan Frontier with a 4 cylinder, 4X4? thank you, Ted.
If the subject vehicle power steering pump is belt driven what is involved in changing to an electric pump?
all indications the battery is dead, no lights horn etc. door beeper sounds but low. battery is charged. cleaned posts , even replaced + side clamp??????????