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It will draw the battery down, so it won't start. Will work if I thump hard on top of dash.
Pours out as I add water. Found it with a flashlight and inspection mirror.
The city drive test does not appear to allow for stop signs and traffic lights? Cannot match the directions without running lights or signs.
At about 2500 rpm feel like the key is being turned off and on ,this is in all 5 gears. Once I get above 50 mph it is fine ,but getting there is a real problem ,there is no check eng light on at this time.I have repla...
feels like the ign switch is being turned off & on about 2500 rpm in every gear , no check eng light . This is a 1998 Nissan frontier with standard shift, again NO CHECK ENG LIGHT> happens every time ,idles perfect an...
Battery and.fuses. are good why it won't. turnover
It makes a grinding sound for each gear you put it in except for the fourth gear but doesn't make the noise when you engage the clutch..
I have great difficultly shifting out of Park in cold/wet weather only,it's easy shifting gear out of Park when warm,shifter is on steering column what can the problem be and what is needed to repair?