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I cannot find knock sensor location. 98 Frontier 4x4 with 4 cyl engine. Getting flashing chk eng lite, and fault code for knock sensor malfunction.
fusible link has been replaced
instrument cluster needs to be sent in for repair
I disconnected battery, but then drove approx. 150 miles in city and highway traffic. Car won't pass readiness inspection for CA smog test. Fuel is at 1/2 tank. How do I get the car to display the ODBC codes? Thanks.
starts and idles fine.it started doing it 8 miles after filling up with gas.i added a bottle of heat to the tank and replaced the dist cap and rotor button.it did not help the problem.
My buddy drove my truck. He parked it, got a hair cut, came out, and it was dead. A jump didn't work, and it had to be towed home. It has gas. I've replaced the battery, cable terminals, distributor cap and rotor ...
It will run for little while then all things start actin up until it dies.
the light on my frontier handbreak is out , were do i find it to replace the bulb?
It has plenty of battery power and jumping doesn't work. Solenoid???
does any one know any tips or tricks to fix 98 frontier instrament cluster reading 999999 and no gauges
Tried installing aftermarket radio and I sure i have the wiring right but for some reason the Radio fuse under the hood keeps breaking. I am not sure what is causing this but any help would be appreciated.
i cant get my hubs too engage can any one help me out?
lights are on, radio ,and lights on dash board
v6 engine runs perfect for 30 miles then starts ,run eractic or pulsating ,like turning switch on and off. has 135,999 miles
If I am not a certified mechanic, and I need to repace a power steering gear box, am I "biting off more than I can chew."