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My car smells like burning coolant and it's Leaking somewhere towards the front of the car
Is this a major issue that needs to be repaired right away? Can it do harm? What are the effects on the vehicle?
I was driving along and it came on, it felt like I was losing power going uphill. It sputtered.
Was told u could mess up the electrical system if the r134a was used
i recently slid into a curb and it bent my rim a little and now when i drive the car makes a rubbing noise but it's not rubbing on anything and when i turn right it's louder what could the problem be?
I also need a sway bar. How much do you think the total cost would be?
my problem with my car is that the a/c and heater control broked ,, and i change it by buying a new one but it dosnt work ,, do i need to a program for it ? or what i have to do ?
I have 07 nissan altima hybrid it was runing fine , but today I was driving and the car die on me , I try to start it , but it won't start , someone can help me !!