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transmission just rebuilt at 140k(4 hrs away from home) and it made it home fine, but is now losing all power(ability to accelerate) after driving a half mile or less from the house. It started to lose power to accele...
It smells like burning gas for a couple of minutes then it goes away.
of 61 and higher it only blows cold air on 60 degrees. Why is this happening? Could it be a sensor? or heater resistor? and is it anything that I can repair myself? Thank you for your help Vito Cannamela
It only happens occasionally but it happened twice in 20 miles today.
While my Car shift is in 'D' and my car comes to a standstill, i can feel the car vibrating. The vibration goes if the car starts moving or if i shift the car to nuetral
I have checked the alternator and changed the battery. I feel it has something to do with the fuel system although once started it runs fine. only 60,000 miles
Looked for hose that might be stopped up....can't find hose.