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It just happens the car idles fine but then it just feels like the throttle is stuck Wat can be my problem
my car ran out of gas, was able to put a bit enough to make it to the gas station. put gas in it but now it won't start. its a 2009 nissan altima push start.
All the time i turn it on lo but it continues to blow hi
I'm careful about changing the oil and want to be sure the old guidelines no longer apply??? Also, I can't figure out from the instructions in the book how to turn off the lights above the windshield. The book s...
When the AC is first turned on it blows very cold, then after a while it starts to blw hot air.
The noise started earlier this year (I brought the car new in 2009). I can hear the clunking/ knocking noise sometimes when I am driving, but I hear it mostly when I stop. The dealer said it’s my car cooling down (exh...
new engine break in speed
my car will not start. i have my foot firmly on the brake and when i push the button, there is nothing! any suggestions???
For the first time, this morning, the rear drivers side window of my car will not close. The passanger side rear window had trouble but eventually closed. Any thoughts?