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My compressor isn't getting power fuse and have checked the relay
I read possible faulty alternator if both dir turn freely and have seen clutch pulleys for sale and heard could be issue with internal fan sticking. looking to solve vibration only at idle issue. Checked idler tension...
My car has given me a code P0301 (#1 cylinder misfire) I took it to the dealer and they tested (swapped out)the spark plug and coil - ok. They could not find a problem and the code was gone. This misfire is only an oc...
It started the first time took it around the corner turned it off now it turns over but want crank could u tell me whats wrong?
My car has a blown head gasket, bad thermostat, bad radiator and it over heats. It's drivable but only short distances. like 30 mins. Im a college student with no money. What should I do?
it only makes nose when I start it and when I drive it stays for about 5 mins and it goes away
Skips from park to drive. Shifts hard, almost seems to hesitate from 1st to second.
Car won't start at times, my husband replaces the valve cover and spark plugs.. It didn't start again then white smoke was coming out of my muffler then stopped after driving it home about 12 miles from where it broke...