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I don't recall receiving a letter in the mail on this. Can this be done at Best service in Cloquet, Mn. 55720
the first time it happened, I had been parked at an angle, reversed started forward and it just died and would not start. But when it did it was fine and did not stall. After running fine for week, it did this again a...
Does anybody experience an RPM jumping up & down while idling after crankshaft positioning sensor replacement?
I need to reset the ECM after changin cranckshaft position sensor, how to?
LSO = light still on Will clearing the code reset the computer and possibly stop the problem?
I've sovled one problem now when my is running and I step out of it something smells like a rotten egg. I was told it was something but the word is a strange word. what do you thing?
Try to put back in place but falls out of groove. Should I use super glue or other adhesive?
lectronic throttle control actuator . how to test it and other related parts .the codes are p1121 / etc .p1122 / harness / etc .car will not start .new timing chain .new cam and crank sensors .
How to replace the passenger side front light?
do I need to have the ECM re programed? I changed Cam and Crank sensors but car will not start. no codes stored.