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How much will it cost me to replace my radiator
Could the replacement of the wheel bearing cause the Slip, ABS and another warning light come on? The mechanic says it can't but they weren't on before.
No other codes besides P0745 no spark from any coil. engine rotates but will not start
When car warms up AC works ok , when it's been off awhile then restarted ,, it must warm up again to work
What if I already gave my car a stasis time? Do I need to repeat the process if I was going to do the drive cycle steps?
I've changed my 02 sensors, the sensor on the thermostat, thermostat and checked the fuses but still the heat hand won't work but sometimes the fans won't come on and the heat hand will go up half and fills like the c...
Takeing off jerk when driven look like gas in the oil .
When warming up the car, it never seems to blow that hot air, no matter how long it is running. The windows also freeze up on the inside. The temperature gauge on the dash seams to be moving as expected. When driving ...
Our 2002 Altima was recently repaired for white smoke from exhaust - replaced the valve guides(1800$). After getting the car back we found the radiator was cracked at the top, but not before our daughter let it overh...
I changed the thermostat . Still the lower hose is ice cold.