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I was driving and it turned off on me like if I raned out of gas but I had a half tank
If at all I turn On the defroster for the wind shields, the defroster works Fine. But the vehicle slowly starts to stall. And finally it requires a Jump start to restart it.This ha happened 3 times now. Any clues or s...
This all started when I took my car to the dealer to have my oil changed and very little oil was added ...When my oil light came on and I had it checked there was no oil on the stick.
Is their a pressure valve recall?
the cars sunroof was working then the battery was down for a couple weeks and we had it fixed and then a new key made and now the sun roof wont work.. I don't know if there is some kind of code or what? but I need ass...
Makes a wierd clicking noise and gas is costing too much becasue it gets empty son
what would cause me to have no heat and cooling fans not come on
dash lights on.horn blows loud.battery tested good.new starter installed.try 4 or 5 times won't turn over.try 2 minutes later car starts right up.???what's happing??