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While driving on freeway it wouldn't go pass 40mph then it went to 20mph & just shut completely off & now it will not start & it started smoking
My car idles rough. I'm suspected a vacuum leak and I am pretty certain that's the cause. My problem is I can't seem to locate it. I spray Brake cleaner around the throttle body and it smooths out. I've inspected all ...
I heard a weird noise from my car drivin to the store and when I came back from the store the brake n battery light was on and the wheel is really hard to turn and when the car is in park the number thing that goes t...
my radiator sprung a leak and the car overheated and just died. In the morning I tried starting it and it turns over but it sounds funny and won't start . There is no water in the oil though
My check engine light is on and it was determined to be "small evap leak", what are the dangers of driving with this problem?
I went to Monroe Muffler in Wayne, PA today to get oil change for my 1999 Nissan Altima. After oil change was done, he said I needed new flexpipe with hangers as they were all rusted and held up by some clamps or som...
I changed the stop light switch and rubber grommet and it is still on. There is clicking sound coming from the center console when I press down on the new switch.
will a steering column off a 1994 altima fit on a 1999 altima i hooked all the plugs up and everything works and the car starts up it just isnt lining up right when i tried to mount it
The description on this site regarding struts seems to be in twos. Either front or rear. My mechanic recommends 4 struts at $785.98. I guess that includes the alignment. Is that a pretty fair estimate?
One estimate I have is $785.00 for 4 struts. Is this reasonable?
i drove my car down to southcarolina over the weekenend when i got off the highway the car begin to jerk and send off somke and i smelled gas strongly does anyone have an idea of whats wrong
where is the mass air flow sensor at?
How do I remove the fuel pump locking ring. I took the back seat out and also removed the metal cover which exposes the fuel pump locking ring. How do I get the locking ring off. Does it screw off is so how ! Dave
Hi, I have Nissan Altima GXE 1999 (140 K Mileage). When I start the car in the morning or after a long rest (3-4 hours), car engine shakes wildly for some 20-30 seconds before coming to normal. Now check engine lig...