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How does a rebuilt or used engine cost for a 1998 Nissan Altima?
Is there a replacement gasket for around the trunk?
I also have no ac, engine control, rad fan, speedometer, odometer, gas gauge. The lights in the dash work but nothing else.
Where fuel hoses connect flat piece that have a plug.
I can drive about a half mile, then the oil light comes on. I wait five minutes and start to drive, then it happens again? What could cause this?
need to trace wires to computer from trans harness
Someone said it could be the reostat switch.Does anyone have any ideas and how do you get to the switch?
can you tell me bolt sizes for the calipers and the caliper bridge 1998 nissan altima
every tine u fill up gas it spits out gas after 5 secs. is it dangerous if this goes on because of combustion or too much pressure inside gas tank. what repair can be done, is there a recall on this problem
We're unable to remove the fuel pump located in the gas tank. It seems to have a white plastic housing that we're unable to get out. Does anyone know how to get this out? We have the new pump but cannot install it unt...
At first the A/C comp. was clicking on and off so I replaced what I would call a low pressure cut off switch, Napa called it a switch interruptor. After charging the system, I still had the same problem, The A/C comp....