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It would take a long time to get the car started, now it won't turn over at all. The service engine light is on and it vibrates really bad.
fuses and relays box location and diagram
all the time it wont stay started
well I changed everything from starter,distributor cap and wires and plugs!! I changed alternator and battery , crank sensor and i even changed the absolute manifold pressure sensor took out the mass air flow sensor ...
how do i know if i need a water pump for my car
This is the second time Ive had this problem,its overheating i put coolant in it and it leaked all out once i parked,last time i had this problem we replaced the thermostat and everything has been fine since i fixed i...
i need to know what is wrong with this car wont go into any gear
I just bought the car used 6 days ago and already it has started to shake, the brake in the back window has stopped working and Im afraid to get it on the interstate.
Twice a day, Engine cuts off, vehicle backfires, there is a smell of gas.
the sparkplugs and ignition cord as well as the fuel filter were replaced but still the engine consumes more gasoline.
my nissan altima 1998 model is newly tuned up but the service engine soon light still appears.the light appears a day ago and we tuned up the engine right after.
I took my car and had the codes pulled for the check engine light and I was told it was the knock sensor. But one day the car was fine and the next day I would try to accelerate and it would slowly go then out of no w...
how do i go abouts replacing my heater core? i really dont want to have to pull the whole dash out
MY 98 NISSAN ALTIMA IS GETTING A replacement with a 78000 MILE ENGINE. MECHANIC IS PLANNING ON PUTTING IN 20/50 OIL VERSUS 30? my bad engine had that heavy weight because it was worn out. WHY would he make choice fo...
So my power steering pump and hose were replaced along with my power steering pump pulley. The pulley was warped and I had some leaking in the pump and hose. Thats why they were replaced. Three days later a shaking so...