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the book tells me I need to remove the upper radiator when replacing the water pump. What is the upper radiator, is that the radiator? Is this step really necessary?
I,m using 10-40 weight oil year round is it to thick
Reading it, indicated a P0400 code.
the head was cleaned.
I just replaced the timing chain in my Altima and now I have no compression the bottom chain broke that is why I had to replace it if that helps
My car started to run rough. It started blow white smoke and i could smell gas. My car stalled out, the check engine light came on. The car did not over heat. The car will not restart. The computer says Misfire cylind...
It was riding alittle rough, mechanic said to remove air filter, that did help. I just don't want to make matters worse, until I purchase part needed.
I recently blew the engine the timing chain went. My mechanic is telling me not to junk the car if it was his he would get a new engine ($900 for parts and labor) the car is in great condition (minus the paint job) I ...