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can hear noise by the big blue fuses under dash and they vibrate a bit and were warm. I was having issues with it stalling replaced spark plugs got a little better. dash lights go on and off frequently
And the trim piece on outside of the door. It got bent when I backed into it, breaking the window
TRANSMISSION ISSUE: There is an "issue" with the automatic transmission. If you have a knowledge of transmissions, this could be any easy fix. It seems that the "D" gear in the transmission does not want to engage. Yo...
My cruise control suddenly stopped working.Could it be that my cruise control relay has stopped working? Would that be a safe place to start, before I'm forced to take it to a dealership for repair.
ok, Let me try this again, I have looked through the Repair manual and The owners Manual and can not find a diagram of the interior fuse box for my car. The fuses are right above the hood open handle. I need to know w...
no spark discunected the alarm and still nothing
looking for pcv on the motor oil is coming from the motor