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where is fuel filter located and how to change it
My speedometer is broken, it falls past the 110 mph area and stays, until I get on the freeway and it goes to about 80mph, but every once and a while it will work but then stop and fall back down? What could be the ...
how long to change heater core
I can also be in the middle of turning, and it will die! It started with the car not starting, so i had my starter replaced, then same problem so i was told to start the car in neutral. Now my car will start, sometime...
car seems to want to cut out when diving in high temperature out side
The car hestates upon acceleration and is difficult to start.
i have had one injector changed i know its not plugs or wires misses on one cylinder
about a month ago my car started to sputter when you started. if i reved the engine it would go away/ now it's not going away.i put sea foam in the gas tank, changed spark plugs,distributer and cap, also changed oil a...
what could be causing my engine to stall? only when throttle is rev up does this happen. tried changing fuel filter but no luck
im trying to buy a nissan altima for 600$ n the owner said it works but it has 180,000 miles on it should i get it?
I turn it off quickly and dont drive it cause of it.. it happens always so i leave the car parked..
where is my fuel pump relay located at
When car is being startd, the car sputtrs or just doesnt want to start. We take the line off from the filter and hear air being released. After that the car starts and does fine for a few more starting times. We have ...
when i got the car, setting 3 & 4 was working. a month later now only setting 4 works. i can hear the a/c compressor kick on when it's on setting 1,2,3. but no air is being blown out..what's the problem
I have a replaced my fuel pump and filter and after that when i started up my car, my rmps would race high, i would have to press on the gas and it would go back to normal. now my car will not turn over, it will start...