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Checked the clutch reservoir it was empty, top it off and the clutch pedal still stuck to floor after i stepped on it, car hasnt been used for over a month. There was a problem before this ( the temperature gauges kee...
Car starts after 3 or more extended cranks, runs ruff at low speeds levels off in high speeds, will not idle & shuts off once the RPM winds down to 1500 unless I manipulate the accelerator .
Wheels have been balanced and aligned, but while driving straight around 40-55MPH there is a shimmy. Above or below it isn't noticeable. Doesn't do it while turning. Friend pointed me in the direction of the rear...
i have fire to the plugs and i am getting fuel to the rail, but the car wont start. it will run with starter fluid.
Yesterday, pulling into parking space, depressing brake, car surged, unintentional acceleration, hit brick wall damaged fender and bumper. Any thoughts on why the surge and unintentional acceleration?
things that are ok,fuel,voltage,compression.trigger or pulse
car has a missfire while idleing but no loss of power on take off. could it be the injectors or vacume leak?
hi im having a smoke test only and replsced all my other parts such as cats,o2 sansors,egr valve,does the cannister play important role here? nissan 300zx 93'
When I turn the ignition key it momentarily does nothing and then the engine turns over normally and starts. This occurs intermittently. My concern is that one day I'll turn the key and it won't start at all. Probl...
I'm unable to lock my doors when the car is off and the key off the ignition. when I close the door the locks unlock. I'm able to lock from the outside with the key. the chimes also sounds even when the key and li...
I can't seem to find the procedure for replacing the spark plugs.
on clod starts in cold temp like 30-40 degrees the car will fluctate idle and want to stall easy for about 3 minutes. once its warm it runs fine but always shakes a little at idle(might be a different problem) thank u
climate control works sometimes, and sometimes not. lights up, but no temp in screen.
wh at can i do to better 18mpg.on the hwy i'm using chevron premium, sparkplugs are bosch and modify chip