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Nick's Auto Repair
July 19, 2010

WOMEN BEAWARE! This shop will take advantage of you. When I first moved to Pittsburgh in 2007 I blew a brake line, and took my vehicle to Nick’s for repair because it was close to where I was living at the time. They told me that all of my brake lines were looking bad and should all be replaced. My vehicle was eight years old at that point and I thought it was possible that all the brakes lines might be getting rusty so I let them replace all. When I picked the truck up they told me they had decided to replace all but one line, and according to my dad (a former mechanic in a different state) the list of parts on my invoice sounded like they had replaced most everything (Dad could not see the vehicle at that time, we only spoke of the invoice over the phone). They charged me $319 for parts and labor at that time. This year I blew another brake line. I thought perhaps this was the line that was not replaced in 2007, and so I took it to Nick’s for repair. After the mechanic looked at my vehicle, he called and told me that all of the brake lines needed to be replaced. I was quite surprised by this because I know that brake lines don’t go bad that quickly, and so I told him that almost all of the lines had been replaced by their garage three years ago. The mechanic immediately started back pedaling and said that’s he’d have to look at my lines again. At that point I knew I was being lied to so on the next call I requested that only the brake line that was bad be replaced (I didn’t want to have to tow the vehicle somewhere else). This one brake line cost me $171 in parts and labor. After I got the vehicle back my father came for a visit and looked over all of the brake lines and invoices from the two times it was at Nick’s. He said that between the two invoices, the list of parts should have been enough to replace all of my lines. In reality after all this however, I still have two remaining brake lines that are the original lines which have never been replaced. My father said I most certainly was over charged in parts, and at least the second time I had the vehicle to Nick’s I was targeted as an easy way to make money on a naïve woman.

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