new transmission not shifting out of first gear. on 1994 Geo Prizm

Had a new transmission droped in, it was tested at the shop before it was put in. It will shift into reverse and when it is in drive it will not shift out of first into second or drive. Thanks for your help.

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is this a used trans or rebuilt?? how was it tested?? could be as simple as a cable adjustment for the throttle pressure.

It was Rebuilt by the best transmission man In our area 30 plus years. He pressure tested it . I bought the car knowing I had to drop a transmission in it ...Bought one from .. U-pull-it started doing the same thing in the test drive..bought Trans #2 another transmission place in Little rock, bought complete rebuild kit from T.P.S. Dropped it in and it would not shift also pulled it back out took back to trans guy he checked it said it was good dropped it back in again....and thats where I'm at now ...I need all the input on this I can get...Thank you so much !!!
did you take it to a trans shop and see if they can adjust the cable for proper shifting. it is easier to diag in the vehicle than out of the vehicle.