New to your site... on 1997 Toyota 4Runner

I was reading the details from your site, I'm in the market for a 04-06 CL type (CL 55 AMG, CL 600). I've been to the MB forums and they say stay away from the 00-03 models. Do you feel that statement is correct?

by in Chesapeake, VA on November 21, 2013
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ANSWER by on November 21, 2013
In addition to owning CarMasters Automotive and working on Mercedes I also am contracted as an expert to go into the dealerships and other repair facility to perform inspections/investigations for legal arbitration, BBB, warranty and warranty/insurance companies with the majority throughout the years on Mercedes. I would agree on many problems on the 00-03 CL 55 AMG (those years average 400+ TSB), the 00-03 CL600 also has its share of problems but only about half that of the 00-03 CL 55 AMG in my experience. Recommend before you purchase a pre-owned vehicle let us check it out so you have a better idea of and current but not obvious problems before you purchase 757-456-0722
ANSWER by on November 21, 2013
Hello down East, have you just got to have a Benz? INHO, there are better choices. Sharp rides no doubt but costly to own especially after 50 to 75,000 miles! That pre purchase inspection is a good idea no matter what make you choose!
ANSWER by on November 21, 2013
stay away from any mbz with over 70k miles.i feel they are great cars intil around 70k then they are all money pits
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