New spark plugs,wires,injectors, coil,pcm still misfire and hes. Shop say valve? on 2001 Ford Escape

Shop says 2500$ valve job? Is there any thing else it could be?

by in Palmer, TX on March 12, 2013
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ANSWER by on March 12, 2013
We cant guess at anything else, when a repair shop has actually checked your vehicle! You can post results of compression test and other conclusions you get from the shop. We will be glade to advise!
COMMENT by on March 13, 2013
Identical issue with my escape. Per mechanic compression readings: #4 = 75lbs, #5&6=150lbs
COMMENT by on March 13, 2013
75 lbs, that's not enough to fire the cylinder, in a case like this the engine will have to be torn down to fix! No way to estimate cost until it is inspected.
ANSWER by on April 18, 2013
Are the Front catalytic converters clear?
ANSWER by on June 25, 2013
If he didn't do the gold standard cylinder leak down test you're wasting your time and money + your mechanic shouldn't be guessing like that. Leak down test is the only sure way to verify need for a valve job and a better solution if indeed that's the case- go purchase a used/ or rebuilt cylinder head and skip the valve job. Then all you need is a head gasket. A used head's about $100 or less, gasket = $35. Labor maybe $75-$125/hr but at least you know that's a set price via book time. book time may say 6 hours so do the math and yeah....lot's less than $2500. First thing I'd do is take it elsewhere.

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