2001 Ford Escape Q&A

2001 Ford Escape Question: New spark plugs,wires,injectors, coil,pcm still misfire and hes. Shop say valve?

Shop says 2500$ valve job? Is there any thing else it could be? -
Answer 1
We cant guess at anything else, when a repair shop has actually checked your vehicle! You can post results of compression test and other conclusions you get from the shop. We will be glade to advise! -
Comment 1
Identical issue with my escape. Per mechanic compression readings: #4 = 75lbs, #5&6=150lbs -
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75 lbs, that's not enough to fire the cylinder, in a case like this the engine will have to be torn down to fix! No way to estimate cost until it is inspected. -
Answer 2
Are the Front catalytic converters clear? -
Answer 3
If he didn't do the gold standard cylinder leak down test you're wasting your time and money + your mechanic shouldn't be guessing like that. Leak down test is the only sure way to verify need for a valve job and a better solution if indeed that's the case- go purchase a used/ or rebuilt cylinder head and skip the valve job. Then all you need is a head gasket. A used head's about $100 or less, gasket = $35. Labor maybe $75-$125/hr but at least you know that's a set price via book time. book time may say 6 hours so do the math and yeah....lot's less than $2500. First thing I'd do is take it elsewhere. -