New MAF didnt clear codes on 2001 Lexus RX300

can anyone recommend a low priced decent scanner and where to purchase? i need one to correctly diagnose codes P0171 P0174 bank 1 bank 2 syst too lean, P1150 AF sensor range perf bank 2 sensor 1. replaced MAF but CEL returned aft 2 days. need further assistance. thanx

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code pullers do nothing but give code numbers which never identify a bad part, just a failed system. a scan tool runs from 3000-5000 depending on accessories.
let a shop check it for you and give you a bid. expierence is the best problem solver as we have been to schools for this and work at it every day.
171,174 is most likely a lean running condition from a vacuum leak or maf sensor. it needs to be verified by a tech.