new engine on 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier

the timing belt broke and I was told by 3 people I need a new engine. No onw gives me more than a 3 month guarente
and wqants to charge me almost 4000 dollars. Is that right?

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You could probably purchase a remanufactured engine from a dealership, for example, or a reputable national rebuilder. These engines would have a better warranty, but I'm guessing they would cost more as well (believe it or not -- MORE than $4,000! Sad but true...). Sounds like your 3 month guarantee could be for a used engine. Call a local dealership for a quote...
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If your engine is an "interfearence" design, then yes, substantial work may be needed. Very seldom dose this require engine replacment. It's a bit of a gamble but the best way to know for sure is to install the belt and see how it runs. If it runs well, you are done. If it runs rough, the head needs to come off and one or more valves will need to be replaced. Once the head is off the pistons can be inspected and a determination can be made whether or not further work is required. Much to my suprise I have seen several interfearence engines survive timing belt failures.