New cut key doesn't work on 1995 Audi A6 Quattro

My key broke in half in the glove box last week, and the new keys cut by Audi and a locksmith (using the key code) won't work. Any ideas why? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Hi Anonymous,
I assume your key has central locking feature and a battery.
Remove the battery and check it's voltage for output. 3.0Volt.
(battery tester) Radio shack
If the key code is correct the ignition switch should recognize
the key and release the steering column locking mechanism.
If you have an automatic transmission there may be more than one
control switch which is responsible for verifying the key used.
Another options might be to check your vehicle user manual: Subject (Fuse box)
What your looking for is a fuse that supports the Power Supply Management system or words to that effect. There may be more than one fuse bank in the car.
If the manual refers to such a fuse simply remove it and then replace it back in the same slot it was removed from. This worked on my 2005 Quattro but your Audi may
be different. No Guarantee.