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1996 Honda Accord Question: New clutch no brakes

I have a 96 accord lx 2.2 non vtech and without abs i just put in a new clutch and now my brakes don't work. The brakes worked fine before the clutch was put in. I replaced the master cylinder and repeatedly bled the lines thinking that may be the case. it drives fine but when i try to hit the brakes it goes straight to the floor the first time, gets a little stiffer the second time, by the third the car will stop at slower speeds. what could cause this? is there a check valve or distribution box? -
Answer 1
try checking your wheel cyclinder on the back brakes -
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checked those -
Answer 2
It sounds as if there is still air somewhere in the hydraulic system. Make sure you bleed the master cylinder itself, then the brake lines all the way to each wheel. -
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that what i was thinking to so when i replaced it i bench bled it and then bled all lines multiple timesi cant find any leakedge but i literally have 8 hours of non stop bleeding the lines and they still dont work -