New Body for my rusted out Van on 1994 Dodge Ram Van B250

I own a Dodge Ram Wagon B250 LE with 57000 miles.I cannot drive the van because is rusted out on the front left side.Can this van be fix.If not How I can find a BODY with no rust and swap all the mechanical parts from my Van in this new BODY
Thank you

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Probably cheaper to buy another van as the labor to change everything over would be very expensive
You are right.I do have 57000 miles of ware on my van,4 speed transmission and a semy sleep differential plus and a travel seat.Do you think that I can find a used Van like this? A farely good Van sells for around $4000 and more.I hope you see that swapping my parts would be cheaper and more secure,I know my Van and I would be guaranted not to breack down.
Thank you for your response.I appreciate any suggestion