New Alternator Battery Not Charging on 1993 Buick Century

My 1993 Buick Century was having problems charging the battery so i bought a new battery and alternator and the battery just keeps dying. Both the battery and the alternator have been tested and are good and everything is hooked up correctly. The battery will start to die as the car is driving. What is the problem?

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Does the battery go dead while the car is sitting or while you are driving? If the battery goes dead and the car stops running while you are driving then I would suspect that you still have a fault with the charging system. If the battery goes dead while the car is sitting then you may have an electrical component that is not turning off causing a drain on the battery when the car is not in use.
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Also have your sensors checked. I had this problem once and it was a cam shaft sensor that had to be replaced for the tune of 600 bucks. Have them hook the car up to a diagnostic machine to find out what it is.
15 amp fuse in your power distribution center fuse box under the hood
The can sensor fault 92buick is referring to will not cause a charging system fault issue like Sixth Element is having.