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Neuwirth Motors Inc
September 13, 2010

We were having problems starting our 2002 Dodge Caravan, and bought it into Neuwirth Motor's to have it checked out. We were told that battery acid had leaked out and damaged the engine wiring harness - cost to repair $3100.
After several days debating whether it was even worth repairing, we decided to take it to another repair shop to get a quote. We were very pleasantly surprised, though somewhat shocked that the problem was only a faulty coil - cost to repair $200.
When I went into Neuwirth to ask for an explanation, and for them to show me where the acid had damaged the engine wiring harness, they were lost for words. Instead of an apologizing, they tried to reason that acid could have somehow (magically) entered into the harness, and could possibly cause future problems.
Were they intentionally trying to rip us off, or was it an honest, but unacceptable misdiagnosis? I wonder if Neuwirth had made the repairs, whether they would have not charged us for their mistake? Going on their failure to admit any wrong doing, I sincerely believe we saved ourselves nearly $3000.

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