Neon brake fluid leaks in drive or reverse when prssed not in idle on 2003 Dodge Neon

ok...i have a 03 dodge neon that had been working great. Recently brake light came on wouldnt go off so i put brake fluid. Light went off and they worked cool for about 110 minutes then they went back to the floor and fluid is empty again. Checked front lines and no leak. Noticed brake fluid under the plastic part of master cyl where u put in the fluid and yes i checked to make sure i didnt put it there. The thing is there isnt enough of it to be the cause for it runnin out so fast. Trying to find a diag of fluid flow or something. It will hold fluid while in idle and press the brakes but soon as its in reverse or drive the fluids gone. HEEELLLPPPP lol but seriously! please

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You either have a leaking master cylinder or the lines coming from the master cylinder are leaking, You must have your car towed to a shop for repair and you can locate one near you here If you have AAA tow service have them tow your car.