needs to know about "dog bone mount" for my 2004 camry le 4cyl on 2004 Toyota Camry

location of the dog bone mount and price

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around 7 inches long, with 2 inch bushings at ends. It resembles a dog-bone in size and form. Made of steel welded tubing the bushings are made-of rubber inserts with steel bolt guides inside. It was not cheap when I replaced it. It is very accessible from the engine top side. between engine and firewall.

Its duty is to limit the engine movement fore-aft. Mine broke at the steel welds. I could have had it re-welded had I known it cost around PHP7000. or USD$150 ! - for the original toyota part. I recommend you replace it when broken as I believe when broken, it will put more stress on other engine and tranny mounts that will cost even more in damage.
Dont think it has one, what's the problem with the car?