The Brake Light Warning Message May Be Displayed on Mercedes-Benz ML350

The brake light warning message for a burned out bulb may be displayed. Our technicians tell us the tail lamp housing may melt and distort causing a poor connection at the bulb. The lamp housing should be replaced to correct this condition.

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Average mileage: 65,949 (5,000–144,000)
7 model years affected: 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, more2009, 2010, 2011
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Have the same problem. My technician just check the bulb, and it is good. He told me that whole housing has to be changed, and it will cost me more than $250. I have road many comments about this problem, so it has to be recall on it. So... what can I do?
I had the same problem as others are describing. In effort not to have to rewire the light, I dremel tooled the housing ever so slightly and embry boarded the actual socket connectors just enough to sand off any buildup. That worked for a few days. Seeing other posts about the lack of solid connection, I shimmed the connectors with a cut down piece of plastic coffee stir. One underneath, the other long ways. Laugh if you will, I have never had another problem. Worked perfectly. The best I can tell is the design does not allow solid contact over time causing the problem. Bending the connectors alone won't give the pressure to maintain the required contact. You have to shim the connectors to enable enough pressure to ensure solid contact to the housing. I also put bulb grease on the housing after cleaning it to help avoid future concern. As I say, it has worked fine ever since. Good luck!
I kept getting bake light error on my dash board in my 2007 ML350. The brake light error appearing on my dash board cycles between right and left rear although the light bulbs are not burned out or nothing wrong with them. called 2 Mercedes Benz dealerships to report the issue and even the corporate office with brake light error appearing on dash board even if the light bulb not burned out but were told two different versions of the issue. One dealer said the error is documented and the recall and the fix will be forthcoming in September 2014. The other dealership indicated that this is a known issue with a C class Mercedes Benz but not on the M class. The Mercedes Benz corporate said that the issue of the brake light is for c class only. However, on the internet and Mercedes Benz parts department sell brake light kits to repair that same very issue that I'm talking about. I believe that the brake error issue applies to C class as well as M class Mercedes Benz. This Is definitely a "SAFETY issue" that Mercedes Benz has to own up to and mitigated. No should ever get hurt because of a possible poor engineering design on the brake light assembly design Concerned consumer and Mercedes Benz owner.
mercedes sells a brake light repair kit..its like $20 bucks..all it is is a re-designed socket with a ground cable attached to it that wasnt there before...
Display indicated a rear right lamp out. Checked it and no lamp out. Problem light came on and off for days. Took ML350 to my independent shop. They installed repair harness kit (164-826-00-07). Part was $17.50 with $96.00 in labor. No more problems.
I just purchaes an ML 350 from the local MB Deler. I noticed that the rear brake light was out when I got home. I took it to a local MB mechanic and he put a new buld in it but said the whole housing unit needs replacing and will cost $400. He has seen this several times and the wiring that MB uses is inadequate and melts. I scheduled an appointment at the Dealer to get it fixed (hopefully at thier cost). Interestingly enough, when looking on Auto for a second ML350, I counted the number of "bulb replacemnts" or "light housing unit replacements" on 100 random CarFax reports for the 2010-2011 ML 350 and 66% of car reports surveyed have had an issue! Disappointed that MB has not addressed the issue and I think I will look at the Lexus for my second car.
I am having the same problem as described by others. My brake lights show they are out and it comes and goes. It also swtiches from left to right. I have replaced both lamps and it does not correct problem. This problem should be a recall item. I had problem with a alarm showing my passenger side rear door was open and I spent $2000.00 trying to get it fixed. It turned out it was caused by a leaky gasket on the rear tail light until which let water in and shorted out a computer circuit controlling the alarm signal.
I am having this same problem taillamp cost 760.00 to replace both taillamp this should be a recall
I have exactly the same problem, very annoying!
Bought the ML350 used and have changed 3 bulbs since February but the same "left brake light" message keeps coming up! Very frustrating!
Taillight message appears stating the right bulb is out. tried replacing the luck in resolving the problem.
Brake light kept blowing out until the wiring and bulb sockets burnt out. I had to have the wiring sockets and bulbs replaced.
false brake light warning. bulb is fine.
It has always been the Left Brake Lamp. The warning has appeared one day and gone the next. As of yesterday and today it looks like it will be around until changed. At first changed the bulb and problem reappeared. I now have 87934 miles.
battery light came on while driving, car started several times fine within hours, then it was hard to start, it started but various warning light came on and the car was riding very rough, maybe wouldnt get out of 2nd gear, pulled over and it stalled and wouldn't start started with a jump but no headlights radio etc, stalled again and we are having it towed
I have the same problem on my 2006 ML350, the dealer changed the housing once, but now they don't want to change it again claiming that I have pay for the cost Even though I have Extended warranty on the vehicle. This is a safety issue that should be addressed by Daimler Benz, and may be investigated by the Government.
Getting the Left Brake Light warning although the bulb is good. I was told the updated socket harness kit is required for both Left and Right Brake.
Brake light burned out and message light keeps coming on. We have replaced the bulbs several times and was told that the housing was bad but Mercedes dealer wanted way too much money to fix saying the housing was melted and faulty. This should be a recall item. Now both right and left tail lights don't work.
brake light warning message left side. replaced bulb, OK for about 2 weeks, then warning light again. replaced socket. message comes on less frequently, but this is really annoying. $55,000 vehicle and they don't fix a problem that's common on all MLs. Structure wise, they make a sturdy automobile, but they sure fall down on the little stuff.
Same as others- even with bulb replacement brake light still going out. Brought it to MB and they had to replace both circuit boards.
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