Mazda Mazda6 Problem Report

Mazda Mazda6 Engine Overheating Due to Failed Cooling Fan Control Module

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The engine may overheat due to erratic engine cooling fan operation as a result of a faulty cooling fan control module. Replacement of the fan control module would be necessary to correct this condition. Our technicians tell us the Mazda may provide assistance with the cost of this repair.

car overheated, steam was coming out of the coolant bay, and was spewing out coolant. recall on SSP71 Fan Control Module; replaced and installed AJ51-15-15YA for free. problem solved. basically, this error makes A/C, radiator fan, and other stuff malfunction. -
No a/c when Idling, Engine heats up. Fans come on for a few seconds, but not very fast, then quits. A/C works when your driving fast enough to get airflow across the condensor. -
Fan continues to run after the ignition is turned off, repair shop said cooling system was okay, but for $85 they could connect it to the "computer" to tell me the same thing I just found out on the Internet, I will be calling Mazda to see what they have to say. -
Fan continued to run for some time after engine shuts off. Fan comes on and winds up as soon as engine is started. During summer Air would not cool car. Dealer said the module had already been replaced twice and they would not replace it again. If they replaced it it was without my knowledge. -
Leaking coolant and overheated, my car stalled during rush hr. It is not drivable because it would overheat and the engine would shut down. Steam was coming out of my hood. Fan was not working. -
mazda replaced the fan module, took 6 hours for this to be done. -
It was diagnosed at Art Hill Mazda dealership merriville IN. On 3/12/15.also they are saying there is a powertrain module problem. -
Coolant fan remains on after car is shut 183000 the connector to the block busted off and had to be car is over heating, i am going to replace the fan module and hopefully it will fix it. -
Fan keeps running for seconds up to minutes after the car is shut off. Had fan module replaced, $350 later, still experiencing the same problems. -
1.8 sport! -
Engine cooling fans want come on, engine overheat Where is fan control module located Thank you -
Car over heats when ac is on. -
Smoke coming out of my coolent tank. Tank had coolent in it. Currently not fixed. -
Cooling Fan Control Module runing after key is turn off -
"i have a 2004 mazda 6 sport but my radiator fan turns off after 6-10 seconds after i turn off the car and the radiator fan turns on once i start the car after about a minute? i think there is a recall on this? is it the fan control module recall?" -
fan runs all the time and for minutes after the car is off -
fans run long after turning car off -
Hasn't been fixed yet. Working on it! But, it's the same issue. -
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