need your help on 2001 Toyota Tacoma

About 6 month ago my engine light came on,went to the dealership,the codes said,to replae the cats and the to senors,one before and one after the converters.So, the price at the dealership was very high, went to mienekie,(BIG MISTAKE). They replace the 2 senors and the converters, AFTER MARKET PARTS, again big mistaken. Now, about 2 weeks ago the light came on,went back to the dealership,to see what the problem was,they said,the same problem came back,CODES,are the same,2 senors and the 2converters. I went back to mienekie,they said its not the converters,but didn;t check the converters,the engine light is not on,right now,the dealership wipe it out,so mienekie,wants to see the light on,and check the codes for them self. The question I am asking is,how long before the light will come on, and I drive about 300 miles so far.I am going on a hunting trip in a few weeks to N. Carolina. And mienekie is saying it may been a freaking thing,and the light will not come back on again,for the converter and senors. So what do you think and opinion,and please give as much help as you can. Thanks!

by in Philadelphia, PA on September 23, 2010
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ANSWER by on September 23, 2010
mienekie may be right.the light may never come back on.the fact that you used aftermarket parts should not be a big concern.cats can be damaged in a short time due to other factors such as a bad head gasket,overheating,thermostat,fuel mixture,etc.check engine for proper operation.
COMMENT by on September 23, 2010
Also, they need to give you least 3 years of warranty, so if it goes bad, they need to change it again. I stopped using aftermarket cat.converters, because they just won't last near as long as the OE and the cost is still high. Put some premium fuel in it, try to get a can of BG 44K system cleaner (check their website for distributors in your area) while you are on the way to NC downshift few times and hit it hard, let it "burn" out. Have a lucky hunting trip! Zee
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