Need tune-up, brakes, timing belt on 2004 Acura TL

How much should I be prepared to pay for these services?

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WOW ! 2K a bit steep I believe, I need a shop like his.
Tune Up using OEM NGK laser plugs $198.12
Ignition Wires if needed $119.99
Timing Belt V6 $249.99
Drive Belts if needed $79.99
Timing Seals if needed depending on mileage of vehicle $119.99
Water Pump $189.99
Coolant $39.99
Front Brakes $149.99 Ceramic
Rear Brakes $169.99 Ceramic
Rotors if needed $59.99 ea.

If you needed everything $1550.00 maximum

Man I would even throw in a complete car detail if you want ! LOL
all depends on quality of parts. cheaper means poss problems in future
I am a true believer that you get what you pay for, but I don't believe that you should charge dealership prices using Auto Zone parts. We use World Pac for all our parts, they are the dealership alternative with the same parts but much lower prices to the independent shops. I've seen shops out there that swear they are the Acura experts, Mercedes experts, etc..... and once the guest leaves the shop they call Auto Zone, O'reilly, etc... for the parts that should be stopped if they are claiming to be experts they know Auto Zone parts should not come even close to touching these types of cars.
i agree totally with you. we have a labor rate in calif of between 100.00 to 140.00 per flag hr so that effects the price also.
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do a water pump at that time.approx 2k depending on if you need rotors and misc other parts.
how much 4 timing belt an water pump