Need Transmission Help on 1994 BMW 325i

I just bought a 94 325i bmw and it would go in drive but not in reverse so I had the transmission filter change done on it and now it wont do anything, what is wrong?

2 answers
This sounds like the transmission has an internal failure, but it's really difficult to know until it is inspected by a repair shop. I would consider taking it back to where you bought it, this may have been a pre-existing condition, hopefully that is possible.
I had similar problem with My 2001 325i. Took it to the dealer and their estimate was $3000+ to open the transmission and diagnose the problem. I took it to another mechanic and he opened the transmission. It turned out to be a broken reverse gear caused by shifting the car to reverse while the car was still moving forward.
The mechanic found a used transmision and replaced it. Cost $2700.