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2003 Jeep Liberty Question: Need to replace transmission

Need to replace transmission, need a quote -
Answer 1
depending on hard parts needed, between 2500-2800 Roy -
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First they (Jeep dealer) said I needed a new drive shaft. OK, replaced that. That did not make the noise go away. ..so now, they say I need a new transfer case.
2 days ago experienced an engine surge as I was lowing down and the check engine light came on. I parked the car and the light was off the following morning. Drove for a day and it seemed fine. ...
Leaks at the front and/or rear differential pinion seal and from the transfer case are common....
Had the transmission rebuilt and Jeep was running well. Filled up at gas station one day and up to that point no issues. Started Jeep and it would not stay running. When I tried to give it gas on a...