need to replace door handles, what tools would I need on 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix

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I am told there is a 14mn nut that need to be removed
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I'll assume exterior handles. Roll window up and disconnect battery negative. Remove all cover plugs and armrests, door pulls, the window crank and trim-panel screws with screwdriver and putty knife. Remove and disconnect any electrical devices in door panel. Pry units with putty knife and unplug harnesses. Remove trim panel carefully prying loose. Disconnect courtesy light and remove water shield. Detach the lock rods from latch. Unhook them by hand from latch holes. Remove the door handle nuts through the service holes in door frame with socket wrench. Rotate lock cylinder if needed for clearance and pull handle from door. Reverse steps for reassembly. Tools: Wrench set, putty knife, screwdrivers, socket wrench set. Good luck!