Need to replace dash any clues i removed most of the bolts already but got stuck ???? on 1997 Dodge Neon

Does anyone have a diagram for know where i can find one ?>

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Assuming your term "Dash" means the Instrument Panel. Here are the steps to remove it.
1.Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable.
2.Remove the floor console.
3.Remove the right and left cowl side trim panels Instrument Panel Assembly
4.Remove the steering column cover and liner.
5.Remove the top cover and cluster bezel assembly.
6.Remove the right and left trim panel.
7.Remove the defroster upper duct by lifting it up.
8.Remove the center outlet duct by pulling rearward.
9.Disconnect the Heater A/C Control, by removing the control cables clips with a screwdriver and remove the wire connector
CAUTION: Lock the steering wheel in the straight ahead position. This will prevent clockspring damage when the steering wheel rotates freely.

10.Disconnect the steering column at the bottom slap together joint.
11.Disconnect the ATX shifter interlock cable at the shifter, if equipped.
12.Disconnect the instrument panel wiring as required.
13.Remove the four attaching screws at the center floor pan bracket Center Floor Pan Bracket
14.Remove the four attaching screws at steering column.
15.Remove the four cowl top nuts.
16.Remove the attaching screws from the left and right lower cowl side bracket Side Bracket
17.Remove the two attaching screws from the left upper cowl side and one from the right upper cowl side.
18.Pull the instrument panel rearward away from the dash/plenum.
19.Remove the instrument panel from vehicle.