Need to remove air line from air bag. bag is loose from car. on 2004 Buick Rainier

What holds hose to bag.

Asked by for the 2004 Buick Rainier
Are you replacing the bag? If so just cut the line as close as you can to the fitting on the bag, the new one has a fitting on it and you just stick the line back in it to lock it in place...... OR lift up on the metal flange with a flat blade screwdriver to remove the old line.....You might find a how to video on youtube!
Thanks very much that was what I needed Ernie.
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I don't know what you are looking at, but there is no air line to the air bags. It is an electronic module.
Rear air bag suspention there surly is an air line I cant get it off.
Sorry I thought you were talking about the air bag modules, like in the dash.
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