Need to know why my 2005 Toyota Corolla will not start. on 2005 Toyota Corolla

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I have tried jumper cables and have checked all fuses in the engine area to include the ones behind the steering wheel. Everything works except the car will not do anything when the key is turned.
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Agree with goodguy, while someone turns the key check for voltage at small wire on starter.
Trans. type, man./auto.?
I just got under the car and checked wires going to the starter from the battery. They are not loose. It's hard for a (61) year man to get under the car but I did. :-)
did you check for power going to to the starter you can check the starter by using a srcrewdriver to jump the main wire to the small wire on the starter if it doesnt turn over then you will need a starter
Just for S&Gs , have you wiggled the gearshift yet? Selector switch may be a tad worn and not quite be in neutral or park, which won't let signal be sent to starter. ANY click at all , when key is turned?? Is plastic plug on starter solenoid oil soaked? Even if plugged in , that can cause a poor connection.