Need to know the timing setting for 98 chrysler 2.5 Liter on 1998 Chrysler Sebring

My Sebring the two cams moved on me while changing the tensioner. There are three points i need to set.

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The engines for this vehicle, use a fixed ignition system. The PCM regulates ignition timing. Basic ignition timing is not adjustable.
DOES ANYBODY REALLY READ THE QUESTIONS???? I WONDER WHERE munman63 eventually got his answer? he wasn't asking about the PCM/EFI controls ....he was asking about the PHYSICAL PLACEMENT OF THE BELT ON THE TIMING GEARS WHICH IS NOT CONTROLLED AUTOMATICALLY BY THE COMPUTER IT'S CONTROLLED BY THE POOR SAP THAT GOT STUCK DOING THE JOB!!!!munman63 I hope you got your info well before your reading this stupid-too little too late comment , I just couldn't resist.