need to know head bolt torque on 2003 Ford Explorer

1 book calls for 108 then 90 then 90. My guess that is a misprint

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3 steps. 26 ft. lbs. Then-90° + 90° In proper sequence, that is what i got!
Thanks, Greatly appreciated.
With a new bolt kit! These bolts stretch to yield the final torque. That is first step 26 ft. lbs. all bolts, then + 1/4 turn all bolts, final step + 1/4
turn all bolts in prprer order.
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Is there a 'degree' mark after the 90s?
It is not a means you have to torque all the bolts to proper torque specifications, then an additional ninety degrees on each of all the bolts then an additional ninety degrees again on each of all the bolts.
Yes, I understand that. I just don't understand starting at 108 ftlbs ,then turn 90 then turn 90. The 108 has to be a misprint...