need one piece rear cat/flex. direct fit BOSAL or stainless made min.requirments on 1992 Toyota Camry

1992 camry Le 2.2 L california emmissions. Live in canada.
need to pass emmissions here as well. Found 2 choices or?
for a one piece replacement. 1. Direct fit Bosal part made of aluminized steel 2, There is a place that makes copies of
oem out of stainless steel . The cat. is smaller and it meets only the minimum requirements. trying to make best decision unless there are other choices. Have had the flex pipe changed twice already and now both the orig. cat and flex need to be changed. the 2 flex pipes were not made of stainless steel. need your advice on best way to go. OEM IS WAY TO EXPENSIVE....FOR MY 1992 thanks

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seek help from muffler shop
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seek help from muffler shop