Need new timing belt and water pump at 48,000 miles? on 1999 Honda Civic

I took 1999 Honda in for oil change and Honda dealership service man said I should change timing belt and water pump because car is 11 years old and almost 48,000 miles. He suggested this without looking under the hood. I said I would consider it. Should I do work based on age and miles?

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I just bought a 99 Civic with 72,000 on it and had the timing belt and water pump replaced, the belt was hard and brittle. Glad I did it. Most dealers claim job to be 3 to3 & 1/2 hrs. I have a friend who has his own repair shop and it took him less than 2 hrs at his shop rate of 65.00. Parts and labor 250.00. Shop around.
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Honda states 7 years or 105,000 miles for timing belt replacement, whichever comes first.

Hal does have a good price and based on the good advice he's always giving on here, I would take my car there if I wasn't in the same business.

At the same time, though, I must add that most dealerships and repair facilities are very competitive with this often shopped maintenance item. The Bay Area Honda dealership service department I used to run charged $679 for the same package - indeed, a higher cost.

And just for another perspective -- I have indeed seen a timing belt (several) fail due to age...more like 8 or 9 years.
I went to a local independent repair shop in my town and was given same information as Honda dealership re need to replace timing belt due to age. (will be 12 years 7/2011). Dealership was cheaper due to 14% discount coupon from Dealership. I paid $602 including water pump and belts. i also got free oil change because last big service was at dealership 2/2010. Independent shop was around the $679 plus cost of needed oil change.
Nice job with the price shopping. There are indeed bargains to be had. Sounds like you got a great deal. Thanks for visiting RepairPal, come back soon!
Although the car is older I've never seen a timing belt fail because of age unless it soaked in oil or coolant. 105K is the normal service, you might consider the service at 60K and treat like a severe maintenance schedule. Independent shops use the same parts but cost less than half the dealership. Our typical belt replacement including the pump, timing and drive belt plus coolant is roughly $650.00. That's $1,100 at the local dealer.
ten years is generally an age limit for serviceable items such as timing belts and water pumps
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